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A pilgrimage to Notre-Dame de Québec and Notre-Dame-des-Victoires brings us back to the roots of our faith. It is here you meet Saint-François de Laval, Saint Marie de l’Incarnation and Blessed Marie-Catherine de Saint-Augustin. It is here you walk in the streets frequented by the Canadian martyrs before their departure for Huronia.


Pilgrimage without Reservations :


  • Create your own schedule using the example provided by this day schedule.

  • Allow our team of volunteers and guides to welcome you.

  • Watch the video offered in the Centre François de Laval.

  • Take time to reflect in front of the Altar of the Blessed Sacrament, the tomb of Saint François de Laval or in the Chapel of the Sacred Heart from where you can see the Holy Door (closed) and the great reliquary of Canada’s Saints and Blessed.

  • Include a visit to the Ursulines or the Centre Catherine de Saint-Augustin.



Groups with Reservation :


  • Make your reservation at least one month in advance to 

  • The person responsible for pilgrimages will propose you a schedule and will make the reservations for your visits to the various religious sites.

  • Someone will welcome you and lead your experience in each of the religious sites of your program.

  • Some days before your arrival, you'll receive documents to facilitate your way from a place to an other religious site on Old Québec.

  • The pilgrimage includes both a time for prayer and sharing the Word of God. A guided pilgrimage is designed to help you become more familiar with  Saint François de LavalSaint Marie de l’Incarnation and Blessed Catherine de Saint-Augustin. A time for the celebration of Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation may also be included.

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